David Brown Jr, MBA

Well-versed Project Estimator with MBA
Estimating Services
“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”
– Walt Disney

Your Business Is Our Priority

To achieve anything in life you must first get your feet wet. You have to dive in and take a chance on a new game plan. Don’t get caught up in analysis paralysis and be too unwilling to make a move. You must venture new paths to obtain success. I do not embrace excuses. I only embrace solutions. I’m a problem solver. I hack into peoples’ situations and problems and find their system’s vulnerabilities. I find the weak points and flaws, and I attempt to solve the problem with a recommended solution. Don’t let things get out of control. I can help. Call David.

Primary Practice Areas

System Implementation

To implement a new system you must have a team of “wanters.” Everybody wants something and needs something. You must first collaborate and motivate the team to want to achieve success. Motivation is a key element to effectively implementing any new system.

Process Improvement

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. You must implement a tracking system to define and control problems. Process improvement is about analyzing and improving upon what is already in place. To be successful you must focus on continuous improvement.

Project Management

A project is a temporary endeavor to create a unique product, service or result. You must first define the project’s scope and resources, and a project has a defined beginning and end in time. What is your project? What is your goal you would like to achieve? David Can help.


I have 19 years casework and millwork experience, and I have been estimating casework & millwork for the past 8 years. I can provide quality takeoffs and estimates for you. I am currently using Planswift and Alliance Millsoft for takeoffs & pricing. I can provide accurate takeoffs along with material and labor reports and job cost analysis.


University of Metaphysics in Association with the University of Sedona | https://universityofmetaphysics.com | Online | From April 2023 to Present

Area of Study/Major: Doctor of Metaphysical Science, Msc.D

Area of Study/Major: Doctor of Metaphysical Psychology, Mpsy.D

Southern New Hampshire University | http://www.snhu.edu | Online | From Sept 2012 to Oct 2016

Area of Study/Major: Master of Business Administration in Project Management

Cumulative GPA: 3.9

DeVry University | http://www.devry.edu | Online | From Sept 2005 to Oct 2007

Area of Study/Major: Bachelor of Science in Technical Management

Cumulative GPA: 3.9

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh | https://www.artinstitutes.edu/pittsburgh | Pittsburgh, PA | From June 2002 to Sept 2003

Area of Study/Major: Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Product Design

Left University due to work/life/school balance issues at a young age. Decided to pursue other opportunities.

ITT Technical Institute | http://itt-tech.info | Monroeville, PA | From Sept 1999 to Sept 2001

Area of Study/Major: Associate in Specialized Technology Degree in Computer-Aided Drafting

Cumulative GPA: 3.8

Need A Consultant?

Do you have a business problem you are struggling with? Do you have an idea you want to turn into a reality? David is an MBA grad with experience and qualities that make him easy to work with and a suitable consultant for a variety of business and project management requirements.

Work Experience

Owner/Lead Estimator | Millwork Estimating Services | https://millworkestimatingservices.com | Indiana, PA | From May 2018 to Present

Estimates woodworking projects using Planswift, Bluebeam and Alliance Millsoft, Excel and Google Sheets | Coordinates with customers | Estimates projects from $5K to $4Mil | Coordinates labor rate setup for each customer | Reviews plans and specs | Tracks projects in Excel and Monday.com | Develop custom reporting | Cost analysis | Business consulting

CEO | Spider Teams, LLC | https://spiderteams.com | Indiana, PA | From January 2016 to Present

Developing and maintaining WordPress web sites and web-apps | Web design coordination and project management | Maintains accounts payable and receivables | Tracks business expenses | Prime decision maker | Controls costs and operations | Business planning

Estimator, Project Manager, Engineering Manager | Master Woodcraft Corp. | http://master-woodcraft.com | Washington, PA | From Feb 2009 to May 2018

Managed a team of three draftsman  |  Produced shop drawings using AutoCAD | Checked subordinate drawings | Project coordination | Project Management | Prepared project estimates | Prepared takeoffs | Prepared submittal packages | Prepared preliminary budgets | Evaluated project costs | Requested proposals from vendors | Requests for information | Coordinated on-site work | Prepared LEED documents | Led the FSC program for office | Outsourced shop drawings | Prepared change order requests | Implemented new estimating system | Implemented new project management system | Utilized Planswift | Utilized Alliance Millsoft

President | Wood Trade Services LLC | Washington, PA | From Oct 2014 to Jan 2018

Provided shop drawing services  |  Developed reality capture drawings | Provided estimating services | Provided project management services | Developed a project management web-app using WordPress | Analyzed cost data | Developed a system for analyzing woodwork project costs using Microsoft Excel

President, Drafter | Dynamic Drafting Services | Bridgeville, PA | From Mar 2008 to Sept 2013

Subcontractor that prepared casework/millwork shop drawings for architectural millwork shops | Worked with 10 different customers on an ongoing basis while maintaining full-time employment | Ran projects efficiently | Determined project scope and requirements | Produced drawings in AutoCAD| Tracked receivables and accurately tracked and controlled expenses | Discontinued this business when beginning to earn a Master’s degree in Project Management

Draftsman | Allegheny Millwork | http://www.alleghenymillwork.com | Lawrence, PA | From Feb 2008 to Feb 2009

Produced submittal casework drawings using AutoCAD | Determined project scope/requirements | Evaluated specifications | Reviewed quotations, takeoffs and architectural drawings | Submitted RFIs to project management and customers | Met with sales, estimating, and project management to coordinate information | Assisted shop employees with problem-solving

Drafter, Jr. Engineer | The Anthony Galluzzo Corporation | http://www.anthonygalluzzocorp.com | Londonderry, NH | From Mar 2007 to Feb 2008

Produced submittal casework drawings using AutoCAD | Determined project scope/requirements | Evaluated specifications | Reviewed quotations, takeoffs and architectural drawings | Submitted RFIs to project management and customers | Met with sales, estimating and project management to coordinate information | Assisted shop employees with problem-solving | Developed dynamic blocks | Implemented new drafting tools and system

Drafter, Detailer | PolyVision | https://polyvision.com | Dixonville, PA | From Nov 2000 to Feb 2007

Produced submittal casework drawings using AutoCAD | Determined project scope/requirements | Evaluated specifications | Reviewed quotations, takeoffs and architectural drawings | Submitted RFIs to project management and customers | Met with sales, estimating and project management to coordinate information | Released drawings to shop for fabrication | Created cutlists and edgebanding reports, material and hardware summary reports | Produced DXF files for CNC machining | Assisted shop employees with fabrication questions and problem-solving | Pulled stock from inventory and issued purchase orders

Primary Strengths

These are David’s primary qualities and strengths.
  • Analytical
  • Artistic
  • Intuitive
  • Problem Solver

Honor Society

The National Society of Leadership and Success | https://www.societyleadership.org/



AutoCAD Proficiency

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Wordpress Proficiency

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HTML Proficiency

Advanced Knowledge

CSS Proficiency

Basic Knowledge

Microsoft Word Proficiency

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Microsoft Excel Proficiency

Expert Knowledge

Smartsheet Proficiency


Photoshop Proficiency

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Adobe Acrobat Pro Dc Proficiency

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Alliance Millsoft

Expert Knowledge


Advanced Knowledge

Personal Photos and Videos

I have to agree… The Egyptians were here first and everything amazing started in Egypt as far as I am concerned. Egyptian faith simultaneously believed in One God “The All” and also had 1,000 or so other gods for everything and every way of life… Everything I believe in comes straight from Egypt. I also believe Jesus had the soul of Horus, but that’s my personal deal I wrestle with as I discover my own path and learn, and I personally communicate with the gods and “The All.” I understand more, then I get confused and go learn more. For my life, it’s all about learning and learning and always learning more. I learn both from books and my intuition. As I have realized, my path is my path and it is not really anyone’s business but my own. Even though I always share my feelings on Facebook… hmm, Maybe nobody believes or cares what I have to say. I don’t know or even care to know. But I hope I can inspire someone else to learn as I’ve learned. I just share, I’m no teacher. Go find it on your own, I’m just here to prove to the world the things I have done are possible. Maybe people do listen and they are just too afraid to ask. Let’s just keep it that way. You keep it to yourself if I inspire you. Best wishes to learn as much as you can, and I believe in you. I might write more, probably some books at some time. I am happy to share my thoughts, but I’m not interested in arguing with people about some “right” way to believe in God. I don’t have a big Ego, but I do have one. Spiritual people are always talking about life being an “illusion.” No… life is no Illusion for 95% of the population. You may learn to let go of Ego for short time, and that’s fine… Yes ALL IS ONE… but for 95% of population, there is no damn Illusion. Life is very damn real, and it’s very hard, but Life itself is a Blessing, okay? And we should be grateful for real life. We must deal with everyday human-life, and to manage it best we need both Soul and Ego to merge and maintain balance.


Well, maybe I can make someone else think differently, and that’s all I am meant to do. But you see I only have 58 friends, and I don’t want followers. I am the first guy claiming he raised Jesus from the dead and not trying to start a cult lol. I am just a man who was touched by Jesus (Yeshua) himself… I don’t care who believes me. I don’t give one fuck what people think of me. I was here. I heard Jesus speak, and I witnessed every moment of it myself. I don’t owe anybody a thing. I used to care about what people thought, and I wanted to share my story with people. Then I learned I need to let go of my own Ego. I am still learning every day. So, I toned my Ego down a notch. I will keep my Jesus story to myself. I am who I am, and I do what I do. I did what I did. Yeshua speaks to me, and I will always win because I have him on my side. Anybody could go and raise Jesus from the dead if they really took the time and effort to learn and try. I will tell you it doesn’t happen overnight. The process took me over 12 years for it to work, and I was shocked when it happened… even though I know I took the steps required to bring it about. Unfortunately, the Bible tells people they cannot do such a thing. I will never explain how I did it. I will take that part to the grave. And for my own safety I must never speak a word of it. But I know damn well I did make it happen, and I never expected it to happen exactly the way that it did, or at the time it did. When Jesus appears to you, you may actually shit your pants… it is insane I can tell you that lol. Best of luck if you ever figure how to do what I did and do it on your own. I am a witch and also believe in Jesus (I now call him Yeshua because he told me that’s what he likes)… Well surely I am the devil himself Christians must think lol. Sorry I don’t put down Christianity, it’s just that the Bible leaves a lot the good stuff out. Constantine chose what to put in the Bible to best control people.

I myself am both monotheistic and polytheistic. I know that confuses people, how can I be both? There are many deities, we each have a soul, but there is one mind “The All” that is inside and outside of everything. God, call it what you will, (God, goddess, Allah, It, whatever. okay?) everybody fights over who is right while they all speak of the same thing. God has no gender, there is no man in the sky. Maybe God is black, but all the pictures show him white?? There is no picture of God, no gender, no race okay? You cannot draw God. It is an infinite mind, and it knows everything you say, think and do. The more I unravel and discover of spirituality is that there is always very much more to learn. I am sure I will spend a lifetime learning and still always seeking to discover more. Seek and you find. I believe very much in Jesus (Yeshua) very very much. Yeshua is my master and I will always love Lord Jesus. I don’t disregard growing up Lutheran. But I don’t believe in original sin, and I don’t believe in a God so full of Ego that he would send you to an eternity in hell for not being “good” or proper and going to the church… Look… life, human life is very challenging… To compare a human to God or the Jesus of the Bible is ridiculous. No human could ever live up to the baseline of Jesus in the Bible. Well having such big Ego that your religion and your path is the “correct” one is the first sign that you have a lot to learn about the spiritual world. As Jesus says in The Gospel of Thomas “Go back to the beginning” … You need to go back and start learning again if you think you are “right” because there is a lot of knowledge you’re lacking. We all learn lessons continuously and make a lot of mistakes. In the beginning, as a child, you come into this life knowing a lot of your past lives and spiritual world and mission of this lifetime. Children are filled with Spirit, then as Ego develops we forget most of this knowledge… So Jesus says “go back to the beginning” and every scholar seems to believe Jesus is talking about the beginning of time. They miss the whole point. No, just the beginning of this lifetime, okay? You live many lives, many reincarnations. I do believe in Karma, but lessons and life itself is the blessing. God loves us all. It is tough love of course, God will teach those who need taught a lesson. You may feel some pain if you need to learn it. But in the end it is all Love and the Light always wins… As the dark may try it never beats the Light.

David “Earth Angel David”  🖤🖤🖤🤍🤍🤍❤️❤️❤️

It’s time the Lightworkers rise and shine bright. Love and Light. 


David Earl Brown, Jr